Best of the Net Nominations 2017 (Issues 1-3)



“City Dweller” by Mallory Hobson, Issue 1, p. 5

“untitled” by Martina Essert, Issue 1, p. 33

“Relativity” by Jessica Mehta, Issue 1, p. 47

“Elegy for My Father” by Jennifer Zhou, Issue 2, p. 14-15

“Intrepid” by Rosemarie Horwath Iwasa, Issue 2, p. 28

“Clouds” by Devan Burton, Issue 3, p. 10



“Here Be Dragons” by Jennifer Zhou, Issue 2, p. 16

“The Latin Teacher’s Daughter” by Elena Grace Streett, Issue 3, p. 4


Creative Non-Fiction

“Truly Snow White” by Luisa K. Reyes, Issue 1, p. 44

“When Night Wings Fly” by J.E. Soares, Issue 2, p. 40




(Please note: All of our Best of the Net nominees will be named on this page and in an annual blog post.)